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Block 4: Information and Communication Technology



Personal Learning Environment.
Mobile devices.
Creating and editing text, audio, image and video.
Multimedia content.
Conceptual maps.
Digital portfolio.
Publishing internet:

  • Blog
  • Web page

Posting on social networks.
Security and privacy.
Copyright and publishing licenses.
Reliability of sources of information.

  1. Search and select applications tailored to their interests and needs.
  2. Create and edit text content, image, video and audio using computer applications.
  3. Create multimedia content using applications.
  4. Use cooperatively applications.
  5. Publish and disseminate multimedia content and created presentations.
  6. Develop habits in the use of tools that allow accessibility to productions from various mobile devices.
  7. Use social networks and platforms responsibly and safely.

1.1. Create your own Personal Learning Environment on their training and work
itinerary, selecting applications and explaining the reasons for their choice.
2.1. Create text documents with applications that facilitate the inclusion of tables, images, formulas, graphics and hypertext elements and other design possibilities.
2.2. Uses mobile devices for image capture, audio and video editing content.
2.3. Concept maps using computer applications.
2.4. Capture and edit videos cooperatively on professional activities and training routes.
3.1. Create infographics with applications to describe, summarize, argue or explain previously generated content.
3.2. Integrates content image, audio, video and text in the development of productions and presentations, adapting the design and layout to the message and the audience to which it is directed.
3.3. Create a digital portfolio to collect and content related to the formation process and chosen labor sector.
4.1. actively involved in cooperative activities that use computer applications.
5.1. Uses distribution channels to accommodate multimedia materials and link them in other productions.
5.2. Create a blog or a website to publish content generated using a variety of elements (text, links, images, parts of a post, etc.)
6.1. Prepares materials that are accessible from different platforms.
6.2. Exchanged information on different platforms in which previously recorded.
6.3. Synchronizes information between a mobile device and another device.
7.1. Participates in social networks responsibly and safely, sharing information and reviewing with respect to the information shared by others.
7.2. Knows and applies the rules of publication, respecting the privacy of individuals, copyright and publishing licenses.