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Block 5: English



Understanding of oral and written texts:

  • Main points
  • Relevant details
  • Initiation and maintenance of personal relationships and social
  • Commonly used oral
  • vocabulary

Production of oral and written texts:

  • Planning
  • Performance

Importance of English in the labor sector.

  1. Understand the main points and relevant details in oral and written texts, informal and formal, short or medium length.
  2. Recognize commonly used oral vocabulary relating to education and the workplace, as well as information and communications technology.
  3. Produce texts short or medium length in informal or formal discussions, in which information and opinions are exchanged.
  4. Maintain enough fluency in the speech to understand the message, but pauses or errors may occur.
  5. Understand the importance of English proficiency in the labor sector

1.1. Identifies the main points and relevant details of texts, videos and formal and informal messages, short or medium length.
1.2. It includes a formal or informal conversation in which it participates, explanations and opinions on various topics.
1.3. Distinguish, with visual or written support, the main points and relevant details, in well-structured presentations.
4.1. Performs well structured and previously tested, relying on tools on issues of educational or workplace brief oral presentations.
4.2. Participates in formal or informal discussions in which exchanges information and opinions expressed and briefly justified.
5.1. Analyzes with critical thinking the news in the media about the importance of English proficiency in the labor sector.